Mini Track Loader

Smooth Ride Tracks

Features and Application:
  • All-terrain, directional
  • Extremely smooth ride, easy turning
  • General Duty, High Traction, Very Low Vibration
EarthForce tracks are specially designed to meet the operational and performance requirements of compact excavators. Not only will our tracks withstand tough environments, but their design will also provide a smooth ride by distributing weight over a larger surface area without sacrificing your excavator’s capabilities. While compact excavator tracks are commonly used at lower speeds, and for less aggressive applications than a compact track loader, they too can face the same working conditions as other track machines.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • Reduced vibration and unique tread design for a smooth ride
  • Five distinct layers of rubber compounds - vulcanized into one homogeneous rubber structure
  • Tear-resistance for extended service life
  • Heat-treated, hammer-forged steel cores
  • Excellent wire-to-rubber bonding for increased track integrity
  • Highest quality rubber and metal compounds
  • Extra-thick cables wrapped in nylon fiber
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Extremely smooth ride, very low vibration
Part Number Width (mm) x Pitch (mm) x Link (Total #) Lug Height Inch Lug Height mm
6988848EF 180 x 72 x 39 0.41 10.5
6988829EF 230 x 72 x 45 0.35 9
7023024EF 230 x 72 x 39 0.39 10