Solid Tires

Solid Tire: Dirt Terrain for Off-Road and Dirt

Choose the Dirt Terrain pattern for the ultimate off-road experience. It stabilizes the skid steer loader with plenty of tread grip, ensuring superior traction on any terrain. Used for jobs like lifting materials, demolition, ground or snow plowing, or grading.
Specific Applications: Suitable for dirt, ground, sand, mud, snow, or quarry & mining fields
  • Deep lug treads provide traction in various terrain
  • Great shock absorption provides machine longevity and increased operator comfort
  • Easy installation
  • Rimless replacement tires available

Solid Tire: All Terrain

Choose the All-Terrain pattern for any ground surface especially demanding asphalt, pavement and concrete applications. Compared to the Dirt Terrain tire, the all-terrain tire has an average of 10% more rubber and 10% deeper tread in all sizes. The wide footprint and the extra weight of the tire give you an advantage in terms of both cost and performance, especially when working with heavy attachments or excess loads.
Specific Applications: Suitable for any terrain but performs best on-road on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and cement. Rimless replacement tires available.
  • All Terrain with Rim: 6988518EF
  • All Terrain without Rim: 6988520EF

Solid Tire: Orange Non-Marking Dirt Terrain

Use when you switch between off-road and on-road. Experience the same dirt terrain traction without leaving any marks on concrete or pavement. Also available without rims.


Super Smooth for Concrete and Asphalt

Sometimes no lugs or pattern is the best option. Offering the maximum surface contact, the Super Smooth pattern is the most practical choice for heavy load applications on flat areas covered with asphalt and concrete. Rimless replacement tires available. Specific Applications: Flat asphalt and concrete