Pneumatic Tires

Standard Duty

• Premium, natural rubber compounds for enhanced durability and cut-resistance
• Stepped tread design for improved cleanout and off-road traction
• Reinforced sidewall design for good side impact protection
Size Part No. Type Ply Rating Tread Depth (mm)
5.7 X 12 7305856EF Standard 4 13
10 X 16.5 7305714EF Standard 10 20
12 X 16.5 7305718EF Standard 12 18
14 x 17.5 7305855EF Standard 12 31

Heavy Duty

• Extra deep, wide tread lug design for improved durability
• Premium stepped tread design for unmatched cleanout and best off road traction
• Heavy-duty reinforced sidewall design for ultimate side impact protection
Size Part No. Type Ply Rating Tread Depth (mm)
5.7 X 12 7305854EF Heavy 4 15
10 X 16.5 7305713EF Heavy 10 26
12 X 16.5 7305717EF Heavy 12 22
14 X 17.5 7305721EF Heavy 14 27

Pneumatic Tire: Severe Duty

Extra wide footprint for high flotation and super stability.Reinforced sidewall with curb and rib guard to provide extra protection against rim and sidewall damage. Big, non-directional lugs deliver excellent traction on hard compact surfaces, better impact, and cut resistance. Thick ply ratings add extra durability. Deep tread depth to maximize tire life.
Part Number Tire Size Ply Rating Tread Depth
6988143 10 x 16.5 12-Ply 27mm 
6988144 12 x 16.5 14-Ply 34mm
6988145 14 x 17.5 14-Ply 38mm

All Terrain/Super Float

• Non-directional extra deep tread
• Wide sidewall provides superior impact resistance
• Large footprint with massive lug-to-void ratio
• Zig-zag tread pattern for optimal traction and handling on mixed surfaces and a variety of severe applications
• Super float tires available for soft or wet soil conditions

Size Part Number Type Ply Rating Tread Depth
10 X 16.5 7305712EF All Terrain 10 31mm
12 X 16.5 7305716EF All Terrain 12 34mm
14 X 17.5 7305720EF All Terrain 14 43mm
15.5 x 16.5 7305715EF* Super Float 14 35mm

*See your local dealer for complete details on rim requirements

Pneumatic Tire: Heavy Duty II

Three-step tread design maximizes traction with efficient self-cleaning when operating in wet conditions. Durable performers with excellent ply ratings and bead guard defense. Heavy sidewall protection, extra heavy carcass and center bar reinforcement reduces bounce. Special rim guard offers extra protection against sidewall damage.
Part Number Tire Size Ply Rating Tread Depth
7024212 10 x 16.5 12-Ply 17mm
7024213 12 x 16.5 14-Ply 21mm