Weld On Teeth

Small Tooth - Weld-on

Small tooth works on a standard bucket as well as several different types of attachments: backhoe, bucket bite, combination bucket, land plane, and scarifier. Part Number: 1550017EF

Weld-on Shank

Use on backhoe attachment (Ripper). Can be used with Bobcat branded tooth. Part Number: 6630398EF

Standard Cast Tooth - Weld-on

The standard cast tooth is approximately 4 5/8 inches long. Part Number: 6630424EF

Heavy Duty Cast Tooth - Weld-on

An alternative to the standard bucket tooth. This rugged one piece cast tooth is designed for those harsh applications where a heavy-duty tooth is required. Tooth will last longer than the standard tooth, reducing frequent tooth replacement. Part Number: 6657330EF

Flex pin

Tooth assembly component. Part Number: 6737326EF