Bolt On Teeth

Complete Bolt-On Assembly

Longer Forged Tooth, Bolt-On Single Shank, Flex Pin, 2 Nuts and Bolts

Part Number: 6737322EF

Bolt-On Single Shank

Part Number: 6737324EF

Long Forged Tooth - Bolt-On

The longer forged tooth is approximately 5 5/8 inches long. When installed, these teeth will add efficiency and enhanced performance. Part Number: 6737325EF

Forged Wider Edge Tooth

The wider edge tooth is designed to protect bucket side edges. The shape of this tooth is the same as the longer forged standard tooth but is 4 inches wide. This forged tooth is designed to add efficiency and extend the life of bucket side and front edge. Part Number: 7102097EF

Standard Cast Tooth - Bolt-on

The standard cast tooth is approximately 4 5/8 inches long. Part Number: 7107319EF

Tiger Tooth

Used with the twin tiger tooth for maximum penetration of hard or frozen surfaces. Installs between twin teeth, provides superior digging capabilities, long-lasting tooth life. Part Number: 7107320EF

Twin Tiger Tooth

Two required per bucket. Installed at each end of bucket edge, twin angled tooth cuts path for bucket side. Designed for penetrating frozen or rocky ground, shale or hard pan. When the outside point is worn, tooth can be reversed to other side of bucket for extended tooth life. Part Number: 7107321EF

Flex pin

Tooth assembly component. Part Number: 6737326EF